Cultivating the Global Citizen: Creating a Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

Presented at AISNE Middle School Conference “Outside the Box”, October 11, 2013

The Meadowbrook School of Weston has redeveloped how it helps students become positive global citizens. Discover how Meadowbrook students have broadened their impact on the world through new programs, including Photo Justice, Digital Citizenship & Literacy, ThinkGive, and Community Service.

The Process
• The process of examining Meadowbrook’s social/emotional curriculum and identifying
areas of opportunity.
• Identifying resources, including partnerships, to help create the curriculum pieces.
• Creating a more comprehensive program.

The Development
• Figuring out the logistics – how to find the time and the people to make it happen.
• Adopting and adapting curricula.

The Implementation & Reflection

  • See the lessons, students, and programs in action.
  • Photo Justice – Students capture an issue in a photograph and exhibit.
  • ThinkGive – Students give something up for a day and examine its impact.
  • Digital Citizenship – Students explore what it means to be safe and positive
  • citizens online.
  • Awareness Into Action – Students bring awareness of an issue to others.
  • The challenges — what worked and plans for improvement.

Zaidee Rose, Middle School English Teacher, CGA Coordinator
Jonathan Schmid, Director of Innovation & Technology
Mike Scafati, Teacher K-8: Technology, Social Studies, Film
Justin McLean, Director of Multicultural Affairs, History Teacher

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