DDC Rocketry

DDC’s Rocketry from Greg Dancer on Vimeo.

I recently had the opportunity to teach Rocketry at DDC in Beijing China. During my class, they put together a short promo video of the fun we had learning about the science and engineering behind rocketry and space programs.

Test your Google Skills with a Google BreakoutEDU

Test out your Google skills with this digital BreakoutEDU! This was my first time creating a digital breakoutEDU, and I had an absolute blast creating the puzzle and watching attendees of the MassCUE Winter Googlepalooza ’18 grapple with the challenge. Test your google skills across a wide variety of areas and try to make it past your first day at Google! Can you unlock the digital locks and succeed?

For more information on digital breakoutEDU, check out: